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About Pluspak

About Pluspak
  • Founded in 1993, Pluspak OÜ is a wholesale packaging distributor for meat and dairy processing industries, servicing clients in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia, in Kaliningrad.
  • Pluspak OÜ primarily offers:
    • Sausage casings (cellulose, fibrous, collagen, natural, and polyamide)
    • Packaging films
    • Thermo-shrinking bags and vacuum pouches
    • Boxes and trays
    • Machinery for meat processing
    • Milk-based additives for meat, dairy, ice-cream, and bakery industries.
  • In 2004, a modern office and warehouse facility was completed in Tallinn, Estonia, enabling Pluspak to significantly increase its client base and offer improved logistical solutions. Our warehouse in Riga contributes to efficient operations in Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Pluspak’s customer base includes all major meat and dairy producers in the entire region.

Products and services

Products and services


  • Cellulose casings for frankfurters, collagen casings (edible, non-edible, films for packaging ham). Fibrous casings, polyamide casings (smoke-permeable, non-smoke permeable).
    • Additionally, we offer customization of products, printing, and shirring.

Our partners:

Devro www.devro.com

Kalle www.kalle.de

Pentopak www.goo.gl

Vector www.vectorpackaging.com

ViskoTeepak www.viskoteepak.com


  • Line films (rigid, soft), cooking films, thermo-shrinking films, thermo-shrinking bags, vacuum pouches, boxes for ready-to-eat meals and raw meat packaging.
  • Additionally, we offer full customization services for the products, and printing.

Our partners:

DuPont www.dupontteijinfilms.com

FaerchPlast www.faerchplast.com

Klöckner Pentaplast www.kpfilms.com

Krehalon www.krehalonuk.co.uk

Westpak www.westpak.fi


  • Machinery for meat industry: processing equipment for frankfurters, including peelers and linkers.

Our partners:

Marel Townsend www.marel.com


  • Concentrated milk- and whey-based proteins, whey powder, milk minerals.

Our Partners:

Friesland Campina www.frieslandcampina.com

Volac www.volac.com